For heat recuperation and reaction support

A lightweight, cost-effective solution, the configurable CATACELJM HEP is a compact, high-temperature, low-cost, heat exchanger that can be easily configured to work as a reactor. Its key benefits include:

  • Heat transfer up to 2.5 kW per module
  • Easily bundled for greater heat exchange
  • Can be reinforced for operating pressures up to 60psi
  • Easily constructed as a reactor by depositing catalysts

A variety of corrugation geometries can be inserted into the CATACELJM HEP modules to tailor heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics to your specific needs without resorting to significant and costly custom engineering. Catalytic coatings can be applied to the inserts to enable the CATACELJM HEP to work as a reactor as well as a heat exchanger.

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